To overcome pain, to get moving after 
 an injury, and to feel your best. 

  How does  
  physiotherapy help?  

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  Did you know?  

Physiotherapists are first-contact health professionals. In some cases, you may need a doctor’s or nurse practitioner’s referral to access your benefits. Check with your insurer.


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  Treat and Manage Pain  

Back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder and knee pain, arthritis, and more… if like Edileen or Kiran you’re living with pain, physiotherapy helps you manage, relieve and prevent acute and chronic pain.

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  Recover From An Injury  

Whether the injury is from a recreational activity or from your work, a motor vehicle accident or the toll of daily life, physiotherapy helps you get back to the activities that are important.

  Physiotherapy matters.  

Physiotherapy is essential for health and wellbeing.
To assess and diagnose your injury or condition.
To treat an injury.
To help manage chronic conditions.
To help prevent an injury or re-injury.

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  Move Better  

As the world opens up, physiotherapy helps you move better and take on new hobbies, activities and adventures.

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  Post-Surgical Rehab  

Joint replacement, cancer treatment, or an emergency procedure... if like Joanne and Rosetta you're recovering from surgery, physiotherapy can help you with pain relief, regain your strength and movement, and get back to daily life.

  Physiotherapy is essential  
  health care.  

Physiotherapists and physiotherapy residents assess, diagnose and treat so you can get back to the activities that are important to you.

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  Live Independently 
  & Healthy At Home  

For seniors and people with disabilities, living independently and safely at home means everything to them.

For many people Long-COVID is a debilitating condition.

  Come Back  
  From COVID  

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  Virtual Treatment

Virtual visits can increase access to care. Find out if virtual care is right for you.

Many physiotherapists offer in-home treatment options for those who are unable to come into a clinic setting.

By focusing treatment on maintaining strength, balance, and functional movement, with the right supports, staying at home becomes possible.

For some, having had COVID means physical limitations, lower energy levels, and cognitive problems long after the initial illness is over.

Working with a physiotherapist can help you manage and improve your Long-COVID symptoms and get you back to the activities you love.

Your physiotherapist is fully trained to assess, diagnose, treat, and deliver care - whether it’s online or in a clinic setting.

The main difference is, rather than coming into the clinic for an in-person session, your visit happens through a phone or video call using your smartphone, phone or computer.

Physiotherapists, physiotherapy residents and physiotherapist assistants help you get back and get active - in your home, work and community.

Get the care you need.

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 To overcome pain, to get 
 moving after an injury, and 
 to feel your best. 

 How does  

 Treat and 
 Manage Pain 

 Recover From 
 An Injury 



 Physiotherapy is 
 health care. 

Learn How Virtual Rehab Works